QR269 is born with the nature of a battering ram: its function is to show, openly and bluntly, the undeniable realities that the meat, dairy and egg industries try to hide from our sight. Visual impact is the main tool used to expose the magnitude of animal suffering caused by their exploitation for human consumption.

In addition, QR269 provides interested activists with the necessary resources to replicate these actions in an autonomous and decentralized way, as long as the principles and philosophy of the project are respected.

In a world where sensitivity and empathy towards the suffering of other beings is increasing day by day, the worst enemy of the meat, dairy and egg industries is their own activity. Knowing this, the conditions in which animals destined for human consumption live and die are hidden by the industry, aware of the rejection they would provoke in the majority of the population were they to be known.

With this in mind, our main goal is to unveil this reality hidden by corporate interests and thus promote the transition towards a fair treatment of animals and a healthy and sustainable food system. If we want to change people’s eating habits, it is necessary to maintain a proactive attitude in the strategy of giving visibility to the reality associated with the consumption of animal products. This effort is key to counteract the constant advertising bombardment instigated by the industry and often financed by public institutions.

Through our actions, we encourage people to know the consequences of the uncontrolled consumption of animal products. QR269 does not generate content, it is a project exclusively dedicated to increase the visibility of existing information and promote the transition to a vegan world.

QR269 is an independent educational project. Its sole purpose is communication, and for this purpose any existing graphic material can be used without any link having to exist between us and the authors of such material. Any responsibility derived from the actions of QR269 lies solely and exclusively with the activists carrying out the actions.