QR269 is a project that disseminates information about the horrors hidden in the industrial production of meat, dairy and eggs, as well as its devastating effects on the environment and people's health. This dissemination is carried out under the criteria of effective activism.

Our goal is to help bring about a social transformation by promoting reflection on the need to lead a more ethical and sustainable life.

Among the countless interactions between humans and animals where the suffering of the latter is the main result, industrial food production is probably the most significant one. Firstly, because of the number of individuals involved and the level of suffering they are subjected to. And secondly, because of the transforming power that a change in the current food production system would have on our perception of animals and the relationships we establish with them.

In addition, different international organizations are beginning to warn about the link between this production system and climate change, and the low quality of the products obtained through this model ends up having several pernicious effects on our health.

Recently, there has been a significant increase in the saliency of the vegan message in our society, so more and more people are considering this alternative as desirable. Any change in our consumption habits involving a reduction of animal products has an enormous impact on them.

This is why it is a priority to launch initiatives such as QR269, aimed at changing this cruel, unfair, pernicious and unnecessary system for a fair and sustainable one based on plant-based food, which would more than cover human nutritional needs with a significantly lower use of resources.