There are many ways to fight against the injustice inflected upon animals in our society, and all of them are legitimate. QR269's strategy is clearly defined and based on the ideas set forth in the following books on effective activism: Tobias Leenaert's “How to create a vegan world” and Nick Cooney's “Change of Heart”.


QR269 focuses its communication strategy on high-impact and easily viralizable guerrilla marketing techniques. We promote the launch of advertising operations – with or without permission – taking advantage of the spaces already designated for this purpose. Likewise, we locate and study strategic places with a high visual impact to design and promote actions there.


Most kinds of street activism (cubes of truth, information points, vigils, etc.) have the handicap that their impact is limited to their direct audience, and a greater impact depends directly on the coverage that mainstream media is willing to give them.

In contrast, the meat, dairy and egg industries control powerful lobbies with huge economic power and political influence, which devote great efforts and resources to maintaining and promoting its abhorrent exploitative system. In addition, governmental agencies subsidize this cruel and unsustainable model with large sums of public money, all while turning a blind eye to animal suffering and to these industries’ impact on the environment and on our health.

Compensating for this difference in means requires commited activists willing to thoughtfully use all the necessary resources to carry out high-impact actions. The main capital of QR269 is the commitment that its members are willing to make, prioritizing the need to give a voice to farmed animals over any other consideration. This makes it possible for a small group of people to carry out highly effective actions with limited resources.

Our actions are not random, nor improvised. The project's commitment to maximum efficacy requires that each action, no matter how small, be planned as if it were an advertising campaign: specific goals are established, both material and human requirements are studied and its expected impact is assessed.

Finally, QR269 makes use of aesthetic patterns that are easily recognized and accepted by the general population.