About QR269

QR269 is a project aiming to spread knowledge about the horrors of factory farming, as well as its effects on the environment and our health, by means of guerrilla marketing techniques.

Within this framework, our priority is to maximize the impact of our actions in helping farmed animals. Our goal is to force the public to reflect on the need to live a more ethical life by confronting them with the inconsistency between our values and the consequences of our poorly thought-out consumption habits.

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What we do

In order for the rejection of animal products to become widespread, the truth about how animals are exploited and killed in farms and slaughterhouses needs to be shown to as many people as possible. Therefore, it is important for there to be a widely distributed proactive movement that serves as a transmission line for this information.

In addition to devising and carrying out guerrilla marketing campaigns aimed at achieving this goal, we make our resources available to committed activists worldwide. These resources will allow our actions to be replicated in an autonomous and decentralized manner.

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How to participate

As stated with the quote by Tom Regan, QR269 is aimed at people who want to go a step further in their commitment to help farmed animals and choose to be in the front line. Anyone can participate in our actions assuming that, even if QR269 works in a decentralized way, certain guidelines must be abided by.

QR269 is a project based on direct action and governed by the rules of effective activism. Its principles have precedence over personal preferences and interests. Participation in our actions requires assuming the need to acquire new skills and knowledge and to condition our opinions to those of professionals. Lastly, it also requires the free acceptance of the consequences that may derive from our actions, since we only respond to the moral obligation to fight against the injustices denounced.

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Why QR269

QR codes are a system that allows a quick and easy access to information. Analogously, this project aims to be a visible and easily identifiable symbol allowing access to a complex and uncomfortable reality that is hidden from us in grocery stores, supermarkets and restaurants.

The current demand for animal products has led to the industrialization of animal husbandry for human consumption. This industrialization has turned animals into mere products identified with a number. We consider the story of 269 to be a good reference to the fight against this anonymity.